The Mix

A Must-Have Mediterranean Addition for Your Next Salad!

Here at Grassroots Salad Company, we have an extensive salad bar sure to impress even the pickiest eater! If you are not in the mood to design a salad completely from scratch, try one of our expertly crafted specialty salads. We have one that we call the Kriti, where you will find grape tomatoes, red onions, chickpeas, Wisconsin feta cheese, and Greek goddess dressing. But wait… There’s one more topping that has health benefits you probably haven’t even heard of!…

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Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Fall is approaching!  We are in the midst of September and apple-picking season is upon us.  But what about the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?”  Is there truth to this statement? Indeed, apples are linked to many different health benefits.  There are actually a plethora of reasons why you should be including apples into your fall diet!  You’re probably familiar with the many varieties you can find at the supermarket, but why should you be…

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At the Grassroots Juice Bar – Dissecting Life Glow!

We’re happy to see you back at the juice bar for our third installment of this series!  Here, we will be taking the time to dissect one of our juices each month.  If you’ve been to the juice bar here at Grassroots Salad Company, you’ll notice that we offer a colorful line of juices that will each impact your body in a different way.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an immunity booster, a healthy glow to your skin,…

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