Fall is approaching!  We are in the midst of September and apple-picking season is upon us.  But what about the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?”  Is there truth to this statement?

Indeed, apples are linked to many different health benefits.  There are actually a plethora of reasons why you should be including apples into your fall diet!  You’re probably familiar with the many varieties you can find at the supermarket, but why should you be eating them daily?  Honeycrisp, McIntosh, Granny Smith, and Red Delicious – Let’s find out why the apple is far more than just a delicious treat!

Full of Fiber:  As one of the best high-fiber foods, apples will keep your digestive system moving!

Good for Your Gut:  Apples feed the good bacteria in your gut and balances the pH of your digestive tract.  This keeps the number of microorganisms in your belly at an ideal number.

Weight Loss:  Apples contain the insoluble fiber pectin which can help you feel full.  That’s because pectin is a natural appetite suppressant.

Heart Health:  They can actually reduce your risk for heart disease.  They can lower the levels of cholesterol in your arteries, clearing the path from plaque and inflammation!

Asthma Fighter:  Apples contain antioxidants that can reduce inflammation, helping to keep asthma at bay and preventing other allergic reactions.

Better Bones:  There is a bone-building nutrient called phloridzin that is only found in apples!  This nutrient helps bone density, leading to stronger bones.  Make sure you eat the peels!

Brain Power:  Flavonoids in apples have been known to protect against oxidative injury and free radicals.  They have also been known to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease!

Skin Saver:  Apples can even help fight those inevitable wrinkles.  They happen to contain a phytochemical that defends against AGEs (which damage blood vessels and contribute to a dull complexion).

Grab a Dr. Roots juice or throw some apples on your custom made salad at Grassroots Salad Company!  Because you must remember, an apple a day really can keep the doctor away.